Pet-Friendly: La Luz Beach Resort Batangas

One of my friends posted a photo of his family and their pet (a pug named Bruno) by the beach and na-curious ako kung saan yun. At that time, we’ve only been to pet-friendly malls in Metro Manila (like SM Mall of Asia and BGC’s High Street) and never pa kami nakapag-out of town with our dogs. After further inquiry, he said that they went to La Luz Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas and they had a blast! So off I went online to search and book our day trip.  Keep Reading!

Party Program

In planning the flow of your party (otherwise known as the program), you have to consider the energy level of each activity and how you would like the energy to flow throughout your party. Keep Reading!

Our Wedding!

This is the event that started it all — our wedding. I was already organizing events with my previous jobs (Year End Party / Summer Weekend Party for 5000 employees, Store Activation Activities, Corporate Social Responsibility Programs, Outreaches, etc.), but planning our own wedding ignited something in me – a deeper passion and love for organizing milestone events. I even considered starting my own events planning business but a different (and more lucrative) business opportunity was given to me by my dad so that’s what I’m doing now. But even though I’m in a different line of work, I can’t get enough of organizing and planning parties!  Keep Reading!

Wedding Day Checklist

Wedding Day Checklist

Below is a checklist of things to buy or prepare for the big day. I got the list from the Wedding 101 seminar led by Tita Celia Cunanan, former President of the Philippine Association of Wedding Planners. It was given to w@wies for free! 

Wedding Day Checklist:
1. Print-outs of the day’s schedule
2. List of suppliers and their contact numbers
3. Contracts of suppliers (in one clearbook)
4. List of entourage and contact numbers (including offerors, readers, etc.)
5. List of bride’s accessories (pouch, jewelries, garter, shoes) 
Tita Celia’s TIP: Only bring jewelry that you will actually wear so that come the time everyone leaves the hotel, there will be no valuable items left in your room. This is to minimize the risk of theft or lost items.
6. List of groom’s accessories (suit/tux/barong, necktie, cufflinks, socks, shoes, hanky, watch)
7. List of general items (wedding gown, veil, train, flowers – bouquets, accessories for the hair and gown – brooch, fascinator, etc., payment to suppliers including stipend for officiating priest)

List of Ceremony Items:
1. Rings, arrhae (13 pcs), bible (Tita Celia said that the REAL WEDDING RINGS are with the Best Man. They give fake rings (or sometimes wala na ngang fake ring, pillow lang yung pinapakarga) sa ring bearer. May tendency daw kasi na mag pillow fight si ring bearer and arrhae bearer pag bored na. Hehehe!)
2. Pillows for the rings and arrhae
3. Secondary sponsor items – veil, cord, matches/lighter
4. Offertory items – candles, flowers, fruits, gifts
5. Wedding Program / Misalette
6. Unity candles
7. Doves/butterflies
8. Mineral water for the couple (I didn’t think of this! Kasi imagine mo, after the ceremony, dirediretso na tayo sa photo shoot natin tapos for sure uuhawin tayo niyan. Hehehe!)

List of Reception Items:

1. Program Flow – print a LOT of copies coz hihingi din your PV, emcee, MOH, best man, etc.
2. Laptop, CD, DVD, USB, cable – lahat lahat na just to make sure it’s compatible with your projector
3. Guest List (soft copy and hard copy)
4. Gifts/Souvenirs for principal sponsors, entou, guests.
5. Prizes for games
6. Contracts with suppliers
7. Chargers – cellphone, digicam, etc.
8. Props, personalized toasting glasses, personalized cake cutter (if meron)
9. Guest book
10. Wine / Liquor
11. Gift List – Guest gives the gift to the coord and the coord makes them sign up sa gift list. For example, #1 si guest na mag turnover ng gift kay coord so #1 siya sa gift list. Lalagyan din ng #1 (in pental pen) yung gift niya para they can easily track if there is a missing gift. First time ko lang narinig ito and it sounds very useful =)
12. List of items to be brought home – super important!

Hairpins, safety pins, matches, lighters, perdible and aspile
Medicines, extra bible, extra shawl, hydrogen peroxide (agua oxinada) — super useful in removing stains!
Ballpen, pentel pen, scissors, tissues, sanitary pad, powder

Ballpen, pentel pen, scissors, cutter, paper clip, stapler, staple wires, ENVELOPES / ANG PAO, all types of tapes, thumb tacks, matches, lighter
Blank bond paper – coz sometimes guests want to write you a letter and sa registration table sila humihingi

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Wedding Planning Tips

I’m still getting used to editing wordpress so for now, this will be the table of contents page for all articles related to wedding planning. Please feel free to click on the article that is most helpful to you.  Keep Reading!

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