Wedding Planning Tips

I’m still getting used to editing wordpress so for now, this will be the table of contents page for all articles related to wedding planning. Please feel free to click on the article that is most helpful to you.  Keep Reading!


As a fur parent, I think it’s natural for us to want to bring our pets everywhere. If mag out of town ako, I feel bad leaving my pet behind. Hindi lang siya ang may separation anxiety, ako rin! And sadly, konti lang ang pet-friendly establishments sa Pinas. If you scour the net and ask FB friends / FB pet communities (I’m part of the Siberian Husky group and Mini Schnauzer Lovers group) sobrang nakaka-frustrate coz konti lang din alam nila and there are hardly any blogs written about it. So I thought, since I’ve already been to several out of town trips with my dog, why not try to build a comprehensive list of pet-friendly establishments?  At the bottom of this page are the places we’ve been to so far.  Keep Reading!

Meet the Helpful Pinay

Brimming with helpful tips and advice from seminars and workshops (not to mention unsolicited words of wisdom from overly concerned friends and titas), this site serves as a collection of all the things I picked up along the way. It also serves as my repository for party venues and pet-friendly establishments. Keep Reading!