A Week Before The Wedding

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A Week Before the Wedding

1. Assume that your “Big Day” is actually one week before your actual day so prepare everything way in advance so if ever you forget anything, you still have time to buy/order/make it.

2. Arrange all materials that you will need in three separate containers. One for church, one for reception and one for hotel preps. Make sure to properly label each box and stick a list of contents for each box as well. Mas maganda if
naka-post siya sa taas mismo ng box/container para kita agad. Make a RECEIVING COPY of all items that you turned over para walang sisihan in the end. Kesyo hindi daw nila natanggap or what. Tapos, for the one receiving the box, make sure to triple check what is written in the list before she signs. Baka kasi nag-sign siya sabay it was incomplete naman pala from the onset. This includes materials like emergency kits, first aid, misalettes and souvenirs for distribution, etc.

3. Details, details, details… It’s really the little things that give weddings that extra “aww” or “oompf” factor =) Visualize the flow of events of your entire wedding day. Mula pagkagising mo hanggang sa pagtulog. Is there anything
else that you need to do or prepare for? Then try to visualize din the flow of events sa point of view ng guests. Mula sa start ng sarili nilang preps until they leave the reception. What details do you think they’ll notice? What do you want them to feel during specific portions of your wedding?

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