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Meet the Helpful Pinay

Brimming with helpful tips and advice from seminars and workshops (not to mention unsolicited words of wisdom from overly concerned friends and titas), this site serves as a collection of all the things I picked up along the way. It also serves as my repository for party venues and pet-friendly establishments.

A Brief Background

When I started planning our wedding back in 2012, I began to accumulate a boatload of information about photographers, videographers, venues, caterers, stylists, etc. etc. and I dumped all of these information in our wedding website.  Being an active member of the Weddings At Work YahooGroup at the same time, I was privileged to attend free wedding planning workshops offered to members. The tips I learned from those seminars were also posted in our wedding website.

Seems pretty regular right? Most brides do that, I think. Those things alone don’t really necessitate making a blog.

But you see, I also actively write reviews of tours and hotels on Tripadvisor.com. So all in all, I felt that I have contributed a big chunk of written work in cyberspace. Why not make it into something more? I do love helping people and I can’t resist sharing my thoughts, experiences and learnings online. Why make some other website reap the benefits of my words and my learnings? Why not make my own?

So here I am.

Who is the Helpful Pinay?

I’m a 30-something Filipina who lives in the south of Metro Manila. I studied in a co-ed school from junior prep to grade 7 then transferred to an exclusive all-girls school for high school.  For college, I’m happy to say that I went north and got a bachelors degree in Communication Arts. My first job was as a sales associate for a media company. Hooray for my first pay check! Booooo coz I was so bad at my job! Hahaha!! I was not meant to be a sales person. Kung ayaw mo bumili sa akin, de wag! Hahaha! So yeah, I only lasted 3 months in that job. After that, I had a 1-year stint as a branding and communications associate for a BPO company then another 1-year stint as a brand coordinator for a cosmetics company. Then my dad decided to put up a business, and so that’s what I do now. I am currently happily married and trying to conceive our first child.


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