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Our Wedding!

This is the event that started it all — our wedding. I was already organizing events with my previous jobs (Year End Party / Summer Weekend Party for 5000 employees, Store Activation Activities, Corporate Social Responsibility Programs, Outreaches, etc.), but planning our own wedding ignited something in me – a deeper passion and love for organizing milestone events. I even considered starting my own events planning business but a different (and more lucrative) business opportunity was given to me by my dad so that’s what I’m doing now. But even though I’m in a different line of work, I can’t get enough of organizing and planning parties!  Keep Reading!

Meet the Helpful Pinay

Brimming with helpful tips and advice from seminars and workshops (not to mention unsolicited words of wisdom from overly concerned friends and titas), this site serves as a collection of all the things I picked up along the way. It also serves as my repository for party venues and pet-friendly establishments. Keep Reading!