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Pet-Friendly: La Luz Beach Resort Batangas

One of my friends posted a photo of his family and their pet (a pug named Bruno) by the beach and na-curious ako kung saan yun. At that time, we’ve only been to pet-friendly malls in Metro Manila (like SM Mall of Asia and BGC’s High Street) and never pa kami nakapag-out of town with our dogs. After further inquiry, he said that they went to La Luz Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas and they had a blast! So off I went online to search and book our day trip.  Keep Reading!


As a fur parent, I think it’s natural for us to want to bring our pets everywhere. If mag out of town ako, I feel bad leaving my pet behind. Hindi lang siya ang may separation anxiety, ako rin! And sadly, konti lang ang pet-friendly establishments sa Pinas. If you scour the net and ask FB friends / FB pet communities (I’m part of the Siberian Husky group and Mini Schnauzer Lovers group) sobrang nakaka-frustrate coz konti lang din alam nila and there are hardly any blogs written about it. So I thought, since I’ve already been to several out of town trips with my dog, why not try to build a comprehensive list of pet-friendly establishments?  At the bottom of this page are the places we’ve been to so far.  Keep Reading!