Conception Tips

Last April 2016, Velvet of The Pinoy Doulas Collective, generously offered to share her knowledge to the n@wies trying to conceive. Here are some of the tips I got from her. 

Applicable to both husband and wife:

1. Sleep
– Your room must be dark! To those who work graveyard shifts or sleep with the lights on, you should consider using a sleep mask.
– Preferably sleep by 10PM
– If you don’t sleep well, your body will not be able to release the correct hormones. Will lead to infertility problems.

2. Exercise
– Self-explanatory na siya. Hehehe! Mahirap pero huhuhu kelangan gawin! frown emoticon Kahit na mapayat, kelangan pa rin mag-exercise. Bakit? Kasi unfair naman sa aming matataba. Dapat kayo rin. HAHAHA!! smile emoticon Joke lang. Kelangan daw mag circulate ang new blood sa system natin kaya mag exercise na tayong lahat.

3. Drink Probiotics
– Akala ko Yogurt o Yakult ito but noooo! Velvet recommended Biobita, Culturelle and Kombucha Tea. (QUESTION!! Regarding Biobita, talagang liquid form siya? Meron bang capsule/tablet form? Kasi pang kids yung nakita ko sa website nila eh. Sana meron pang adult)

4. Lessen coffee intake (Sa totoo lang, sabi nila do NOT drink coffee daw. Pero realistic ako so “lessen” lang sinulat ko. Hehehe!)

5. Lessen time with electronic / mobile games – Included ba dito ang Facebook/YG time??

6. Eat healthy! Lessen processed food. Eat more greens!

7. Lubrication
– No no no to KY Jelly! It is not sperm-friendly. But for those who don’t want to have kids, it’s not a spermicide either so pwede ka pa rin mabuntis. Hehehe!
– Use pre-seeding lubricants instead. Saan makakabili? Online daw eh. Or baka may alam kayo, share niyo naman. Group buy? Hahaha!

Summary: Healthy living is key. Take charge of your body, your fertility and your womanhood.

Applicable to husbands only:

– Hmm, medyo wala sila gaanong kelangan gawin BUT it’s good for both of you to know that the sperm cycle takes around 48-72 hours. So if you want a mature adult sperm, mas recommended to do the deed every other day or every 3 days, not everyday.
– Ay! May kelangan pala silang gawin! After the deed, they have to remain in position for 1-2 minutes. Wag muna siya umalis. Kwentuhan muna kayo. Hahaha! (Personal tip na medyo TMI: Don’t laugh during this time! Laughing muscles will cause your hubby’s thingie to go out of you. Hehehe!!)

Applicable to wives only:

1. Charting
– Velvet gave us a chart to fill up everyday. Basically, you need to chart your (a) basal temperature, (b) cervical fluid and (c) cervical position.
– You can download the chart from this link:
– Day 1 starts as soon as you have your period. Kahit konti lang sya na spots, day1 na yun.
– I took a photo of a sample chart from Velvet’s book. Will post it separately smile emoticon

2. Cleaning our Vajayjay
– No no no to Lactacyd, PH Care, Dove, etc etc! Nakaka-dry siya and basta hindi daw siya okay.
– Velvet recommends using 1 tablespoon of cane vinegar (Preferably cane vinegar, not Datu Puti vinegar. Basta yung hindi daw cheap vinegar) sa isang tabo ng tubig. Yun daw ang gamitin pag wash after peeing. BUT nag comment kami na baka naman umasim yung vajayjay namin pag yun ang gamitin SO she also recommended Ilog Maria Soap

3. Menstrual Cycle
– Dispel the notion that a woman’s menstrual cycle is 28 days. It is not! Our cycle length varies from woman to woman and from month to month. Natural daw yun. A lot of factors can affect cycle length, like stress, travel, illness, etc. It can be as short as 21 days or as long as 40 days. So this means that our ovulation days also vary from month to month. It is not always after 2 weeks. For some, as soon as their period stops, nag-oovulate na agad.

4. Position for deeper penetration
– Hindi ko alam if mavivisualize niyo ito ng maayos ah. Basically, naka-missionary position ka so nakahiga ka. Then yung isang leg mo naka-bend sa knee while yung other leg mo straight lang. That’s the optimal position daw para konti na lang kelangan languyin ng sperm smile emoticon

5. After sex tip
– Don’t move after the deed. Just lie down for 30 minutes. Pwedeng may pillow sa ilalim, pwedeng wala. Whatever you prefer. Hehehe!

6. Cervical Fluid
– Creamy/dried lotion look: not yet conducive. sperm will get stuck.
– Creamy pero not yet eggwhite. Parang in-between siya: not yet pa rin
– Creamy & elastic: can be stretched up to 2 inches or more. GO GO GO!!
– Medyo nakakalito yung written definition ng cervical fluid so I took a picture of Velvet’s book. Will post it separately smile emoticon

7. Cervical Position
– Sorry, aaminin ko na medyo hindi ako nag pay attention in this part kasi hindi ko siya balak gawin. Sorryyy!! Eh kasi you need to squat then touch your cervix! Hindi ko ata kaya ito. But if kaya niyo, then good for you! To learn more about this, you can check The contents are very graphic)

8. Basal Temperature
– Buy an oral thermometer (or a vaginal thermometer? pero di ko alam kung saan makakabili nun eh)
– Check your temperature in the morning, as soon as you wake up. Preferably the same time every day.
– Your body’s temperature spikes (gets hotter) when your egg “expires” so if it spikes, meaning hindi na viable yung egg.
– It is normal to have varying temperatures every day. Hehehe! Check out the sample chart I will post separately.
– Tracking basal temperature alone is not enough to help us schedule our baby dance. So it should be done with the other 2.

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