Party Program

In planning the flow of your party (otherwise known as the program), you have to consider the energy level of each activity and how you would like the energy to flow throughout your party. For our wedding, I wanted a gradual increase in energy and then end with a bang! So we started with the boring stuff like speeches then ended with the couple’s game and grand prize. Everyone left the party in high spirits. But for one of my friends, she opted to have an up-down, up-down flow where the speeches and activities were alternating. She felt that that would decrease guests’ boredom during their program. I even had a friend who had about 20 speeches in her wedding. Parang puro speeches lang talaga yung wedding nila, as in! I admit na-bore ako but she loved it. I guess she wanted it to be a sort of honoring for her and her hubby so really, the program is up to you. Below are some of the usual programs out there but bear in mind that it’s all flexible. You don’t have to do it if it’s not your thing.

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