Party Venues

As a consummate party planner, I scour the web for possible venue locations. And it’s just soooo hard to find a site that offers not just a list of venues but photos and prices as well. Once upon a time, such a site existed on Multiply, compiled by a catering company. I forget the name of the company but since Multiply died, that site died as well. I’ve been looking all over the web for another site like that but couldn’t find any. Sure, some sites list the “10 best venues” or the “15 unique venues” or the “20 cheapest venues” but I need a more complete set of venues in Metro Manila. And I know you want that list too! 

So I need your help! Either you (1) comment/email me the name of the venue you would like to be posted here or (2) if you’re a helpful pinay like me, send me photos of the venues you’ve scouted! I’ll credit you for the post of course. My personal email add is =)

For now, I shall upload some venues that I’ve already scouted in the South.  It’s not a long list yet but in time, I hope to make a pretty comprehensive compilation.


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