Pet-Friendly: La Luz Beach Resort Batangas

One of my friends posted a photo of his family and their pet (a pug named Bruno) by the beach and na-curious ako kung saan yun. At that time, we’ve only been to pet-friendly malls in Metro Manila (like SM Mall of Asia and BGC’s High Street) and never pa kami nakapag-out of town with our dogs. After further inquiry, he said that they went to La Luz Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas and they had a blast! So off I went online to search and book our day trip. 

La Luz’s website is:

I booked one room and paid the day trip fee which included our lunch and merienda. Everything was almost set kaso my husband suddenly wanted to bring Balto, his Siberian Husky. I think nainggit siya na si Gandalf lang ang dadalhin namin. Hehehe! Sorry, I’m guilty of favoritism. Anywho, this worried me a bit because I’ve read articles online that some establishments allow small dogs but not big dogs. Good thing a quick call to La Luz clarified that issue. They welcome all dogs no matter how big or small. Hooray!!  They even allow dogs to enter their rooms!! Double hooray!!

So off we went on a day trip to La Luz. Day trip lang kami coz my husband was busy that time. You and your pets are welcome to stay for how many nights you want. Baka kasi isipin niyo pang day trip lang ang pets doon. Nope. Your pets can stay for as long as you want to stay. Nakakatuwa diba? Look at how much fun we had!

Click photo to enlarge.

Some things to consider before going on your trip to La Luz:

  1. Leave home early. Our travel time took around 3-4 hours. Considering we live in Parañaque, what more if you live in QC!
  2. Keep in mind that dogs get heat stroke so make sure they have plenty of water and they’re not in direct sunlight.
  3. If booking a day trip, get a room where you can bathe your dog in peace. You can also leave your dog inside the room if you want to go someplace without him and you can’t find anyone to take care of him for you. I think super worth it ito.
  4. If you want to walk your dog off leash, go to the leftmost area of the resort. There are less people in that area and if your dog isn’t the type to wander far, he’ll be able to roam around without feeling threatened. Please note that  we are technically required by law to keep our dogs on leash whenever in public. Sorry if bad example ako but our dogs are highly trained and non-aggressive. We know our pets and we made sure that we were always close by. If you are not as confident, please don’t walk your dogs off leash in public.
  5. Do prepare doggie bags and pick up after your dogs. Let’s be responsible pet owners so that more establishments will allow us to bring our pets.
  6. La Luz is the type of resort that requires you to purchase all your meals from them. I think sulit naman siya because they serve it buffet style. Just don’t expect it to be similar to a hotel’s buffet. Think non-fancy lutong-bahay / traditional Filipino food. The dining area can get pretty crowded so it’s up to you if your dog is comfortable in such situations. My Gandalf tends to bark a lot once we sit down and “mark our territory” so to avoid disturbing the other guests in the resort, I left him inside the room as we ate.

If you and your furbabies have been to other pet-friendly places outside the Metro, please do shoot us an email at so that Gandalf and I can add that to our next adventure!

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