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w@w Big Sis Chat

1. Mini Bar – During preps, it’s better to have the hotel clear out the mini bar contents before suppliers/family/friends arrive so that you won’t get any surprise charges upon checkout.

2. Q: What do brides usually forget on the day of the wedding?
Answer: FOOD for brunch — whether it’s for family or suppliers =) Most hotels do NOT accept food deliveries anymore so we might have to make an arrangement with the hotel. It’s also good to note that a LOT of MOB’s have tried to intimidate the hotel staff by saying, “1.2 million ang ballroom/food niyo! Ang laki na ng kinita niyo sa amin. Baka naman pwede kami magpasok ng outside food” and sadly, the hotel staff still would not allow it.

3. Invitations stating the couple’s gift preference is money — Honestly, I was planning to do something like this because we really do prefer money as gifts. But almost all (or all?) of them discouraged it even if they know this is the
“in” thing to do now. What struck me were two things:

a.) Ms. Benz shared that meron daw guest, after seeing how gorgeous the wedding turned out, said, “Aah. Kaya pala pera hiningi nila kasi kelangan nila ng pambayad sa wedding.” (imagine one of your titos/titas saying this on the day..
kahit na pabiro pa yun, it’s still hurtful) Although they all assured us that none of our guests will ever say anything mean to us on the day itself, I think this is a case to case basis. I come from a very outspoken family kasi.

b.) Jody shared that ten to twenty years from now, we’ll probably be better off financially (I sure hope so!). Isipin niyo na lang you’re earning 4x what you’re earning now and super comfy na ng life natin. Tapos when we reminisce and look back at our wedding invitations, mahihiya na lang tayo kasi we were kapal enough to print that out.

They recommend “word of mouth” via parents/siblings/barkadas to spread our gift preference. At least wala daw written proof =)

4. Wedding wishing well (box/jar where monetary gifts are placed) — This is recommended daw if we have western guests. They said that the westerners really look for the wishing well. Tapos sabi nila that based on experience, may mga couple na naglalagay ng wishing well sa tabi ng registration table. So parang nagmukhang donation box. Or parang “pay before you enter”. Pangit diba? If you’re worried (like me) na baka mag overflow ang bag ng mga ampaw, we can transfer them to mom/sis/moh.

5. Money Dance — I believe uso lang ito sa mga taga Batangas and Guamenians (?) but just in case you’re thinking of doing the same thing, it’s best to spread the news via word of mouth para prepared na yung guests mo on the day itself. Tapos dapat planted yung mga first few na magbibigay ng money so that after a couple of minutes into your first dance, may bigla na lang tito/tita na lalapit at magsasabit ng money. This will then be the cue that the money dance has begun. The emcee doesn’t have to announce it anymore. Tsaka make sure daw na you start off with small bills kasi pag nauna ang 1000/500, nahihiya na lumapit ang tao kasi nakaka-pressure.

6. Take care of your belongings and be wary of gate crashers — There have been stories of bags missing and/or ampaws misplaced/stolen. Kinwento nila na one of the emcees shared that he saw a lady going from one table to another. Tapos bigla daw lumusot sa ilalim ng table at paglabas eh may hawak nang bag! Pero nung napansin ng lady na nakatingin sa kanya yung emcee, bigla daw niyang iniwan yung bag sabay umalis ng ballroom. Scary diba?? Tapos don’t forget to endorse your bag to your mom/sis/moh BEFORE the grand entrance or AFTER the church
ceremony because naiiwan siya usually sa table pag tinawag na tayo for cake cutting, first dance, etc. Delikado na at baka manakaw.

7. Last-minute HMUA — May mga stories daw of bridesmaids / ninangs unexpectedly arriving at the hotel para magpa hair and makeup using our HMUA. So syempre hindi tayo makatanggi diba? But it delays the schedule tsaka parang added stress ito for me (personal opinion ko lang). If they want to avail of our HMUA’s services, I think they should inform us beforehand para ma-adjust ang schedule.

8. Orienting the Family/Entourage
Apart from introductions, it’s good din daw if we also explain the calibre or reputation of our suppliers. May mga times daw kasi na may dad/ninong na pagpasok sa kwarto eh bigla silang uutusan para magbuhat ng something (parang boy lang). Tapos may isang incident daw na pasimpleng pini-picture-an ng dad lahat ng suppliers sa room for security reasons. Baka daw kasi may magnakaw, at least may proof daw si dad. If ever may mangyaring ganon, our suppliers are professional enough not to complain to us but as the bride, super mahihiya ako. Hehehe! Especially if tipong Jason Magbanua – Pat Dy level ang mga suppliers na kinuha niyo! =) Kakahiya diba??

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