Wedding Planning Tips

I’m still getting used to editing wordpress so for now, this will be the table of contents page for all articles related to wedding planning. Please feel free to click on the article that is most helpful to you. 

Wedding Preps 101 Seminar

My notes from the event organized by Ms. Celia Cunanan (The Social Connection and former President of the Philippine Association of Wedding Planners). This was exclusively offered to w@wies, and take note, it was free! (Click here to read the whole article)


w@w Big Sis Chat

The first wedding seminar I ever went to. It was a free event organized by Ms. Benz (the founder and head of w@w) where various suppliers shared their advice for soon-to-weds. Among those who gave their advice were Jason Magbanua (Videographer), Madge Landrito Lejano (Makeup Artist), Jody Liwanag (Events Experts), Queen David (Just Like Ours), Jets and Rhona Batung (Canaan Celebrations). (Click here to read the whole article)


What to tell the entourage?

Here are some reminders and tips I picked up in my research and from reading the w@w archives. This was in response to a fellow w@wie asking for advice. (Click here to read the whole article)


A Week Before The Wedding

Some helpful tips and reminders before the Big Day. (Click here to read the whole article)


Wedding Day Checklist

A list of things the couple has to prepare and bring for the wedding day. (Click here to read the whole article)


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