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What To Tell The Entourage

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What to tell your Entourage?
1. Information is POWER. Don’t forget to inform your entourage as well as your immediate family members about the schedule for the day para ma-level ang expectations nila. Yung iba kasi nagtatampo if they feel left out. At least if they know the schedule for the entire day (as well as their responsibilities) then they will be empowered and helpful. I think of special note here are the offerors and readers sa ceremony. I saw some instances when the offeror/reader came from out of nowhere na lang (like, lahat ng readers nakaupo sa harap tapos biglang may isang tatakbo coming from the back) OR hindi na nakapag-offer or nakapag-read yung assigned person because he/she DID NOT approach the coordinator. Let’s keep in mind that our coords don’t know naman our friends/family so they should be responsible enough to approach the coordinator and introduce themselves. Para ma-inform sila ng maayos where to sit, what to do, and kung kelan ang cue nila.
2. It’s important to stress to the entourage na BAWAL ang LATE. Hehehe! But because for some reason palagi pa rin nagiging issue yan, i-adjust mo na lang ang call time mo. For example, scheduled talaga sila to arrive ng 8:30AM. Instead of telling them they have to be there before 8:30AM, tell them na lang that they have to be there BEFORE 8AM =) Bet tayo may late pa rin dyan. Hahaha! And if true friends niyo sila, you already know kung sino sa kanila ang may tendency ma-late at kung sino naman ang punctual =) This is also true for NINONGS and NINANGS. Sometimes sila pa ang late.
3. Church Rehearsal — I think this depends on your church but for our church (Magallanes Church), required kami to have a rehearsal. Personally, I don’t mind kasi gusto ko rin na may briefing ang mga entourage, ESPECIALLY the kids (flower girls, bible bearer, ring bearer, etc)
4. Advise them not to walk too fast. Depending on how long the aisle is, usually 3-5 pews apart dapat sila from each other. BUT if napansin nila na mabilis masyado yung nasa unahan nila, hayaan lang nila. Wag nila gayahin yung mistake nung nauna. Wag nila bilisan. Pangit tignan eh.

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